Rita Silva

Instagram: @ritaissonaive

“Photographs supplant and corrupt the past, all the while creating their own memories. As I held my childhood pictures in my hands, in the tenderness of my “remembering,” I also knew that with each photograph I was forgetting.”
― Sally Mann

Artist Statement
My work is a journey of self-discovery and self-expression. It is the process by which I choose to explore the people, things and world around me. My experiences are both a source of pain and joy – my source of inquiry and inspiration. They are what I tap into when creating.

Originally, I started taking photos because of my dad that was always photographing us when I was a child. However my fascination with photography started after my grandfather’s death. I was 10 years old, he was gone and all we had left was the portrait I had taken of him. Since then my interest in archive, memory and death grew more and more.

Rita Silva (b. 1995)

Finished her studies in Technology of Audiovisual Communication at Porto’s ESMAD (Superior School of Media, Arts and Design) in 2017. She is starting her Master’s in Photography at Royal College of Art this next september.
She is currently a visual artist at the creative communitty Piano & Coffee Co., where she contributes with photography, video and animation. She also works as Editorial Assistant at SCOPIO, photography publisher based in Porto.

In 2018, Rita was shortlisted as one of the finalists of the Talentos Emergentes 2018 by the Encontros de Imagem International Photography Festival.

2015 - Empty Room, (con)junto,  Palácio das Artes, Porto, Portugal

2016 - I Am Vertical, 7º Mercado das Artes, Ponte de Lima, Portugal

2017 - Empty Room, XIX Bienal Internacional de Arte de Cerveira,  Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal

2017 - Dead Calm, Projeto 17, Centro de Português de Fotografia, Porto, Portugal

2017 - Dead Calm,  Outono Fotografico, Arca da Noe, Galicia, Spain

2018 - Dead Calm,  Unexpected,  PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2018 - Dead Calm, Base Lx, Forte Santo António, Lisbon, Portugal

2018 - Dead Calm, Encontros da Imagem, , Museu Alberto Sampaio, Guimarães, Portugal

2016 - 1st Prize Winner of first edition of MOSTRARTE in the area of Photography, Porto, Portugal

2018 - Shortlisted for the Photographique Analogue Award 2018, Bristol, UK

2018 - Finalist of the Emergentes DST Photography Award, Encontros da Imagem International Photography Festival, Braga, Portugal.

Piano & Coffe Co.
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